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iron oxide yellow
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The method of preparation of iron oxide yellow

 iron oxide yellow is a crystalline , mainly in powder form , lemon yellow to brown color . Because iron oxide yellow safety factor is relatively high, so the field of application is also more extensive. Yellow iron oxide in the construction industry are mostly used as a coloring agent for cement , it is generally the role of serving as the pigment. Today we give you some different knowledge , explain yellow iron oxide preparation method . Yellow iron oxide is a chemical in a substance that can be learned by its chemical formula is how to turn it into . Reaction equation is as follows :
Fe + H2O + R-NO2 Fe2O3 H2O + R-NH2
It is this reaction conditions : 560 parts of water was added to the reaction vessel , 36.5 parts of 32% hydrochloric acid , 160 parts of iron powder and 10 parts of aluminum powder. The proportion of each ingredient added to have a certain proportion , adding an excessive amount or too little can cause reactions mistakes, manufactured products would not meet the standards . The reaction temperature in the reactor is quite important to maintain between 95 ~ 100 , temperature of less than would affect the efficiency of the reaction , the pH value of 6 to 6.5 in addition , under the reaction conditions 2h, by adding an appropriate amount of ammonia, 25% to 8 parts , then the reaction 4h, filtering it, was heated at 95 ~ 100 , 45 parts of 32% hydrochloric acid was added and stirred for 2h, filtered and the filter cake was washed with water until acid-free and dried to obtain 160 parts of oxide yellow pigment , and the amino naphthalene sulfonic acid obtained in 96% yield . In this way I can create the desired iron oxide yellow.

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