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iron oxide brown
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Chinese name : iron oxide brown
Name : FE2O3 AS BROWN PIGMENT, iron oxide brown
Chinese Synonyms: Iron Oxide Brown ; iron brown ; Haba powder
Formula : (Fe2O3 + FeO) nH2O
Chemical properties: brown powder. Insoluble in water , alcohol , ether, dissolved in hot acid . High tinting strength and hiding power. Light resistance , alkali resistance . Absolute permeability and gas permeability . Different colored attendant craft , yellow brown, red brown, black and brown and so on.
2 production methods

A ferrous sulfate oxidation reaction of ferrous sulfate and soda , washed, filtered , dried , pulverized , mixed , to obtain iron oxide brown . Its FeSO4 + Na2CO3 [H2O] (Fe2O3 + FeO)? Nh2o + Na2SO4 + CO2
2 . Mechanical mixing of red iron oxide, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black by mechanical mixing , blending together .
3 Uses

Paints, inks , plastics, shoes, coloring powder products ; coatings, construction , rubber, plastic and other coloring
4 security

Multi-layer kraft paper bag, woven bag , net weight 25kg. Stored in ventilated , dry coffers . Pay attention to moisture , avoid high temperatures. Not with acid, alkali materials mix . According to the above storage conditions , unpackaged products effective storage period of three years. Toxicity and protection : Inhalation of dust can cause pneumoconiosis . iron oxide brown aerosols ( soot ) maximum allowable concentration 5mg/m3. It should be noted dust .

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